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How long is the average tongue?

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00:00 Tuesday 27 August 2013
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Claire Collins brings you Can Cows Walk Down Stairs

This week we saw Miley Cyrus perform a provocative dance that involved sticking her tongue out..a lot! It got us thinking about our tongues and how long they were. So on Can Cows Walk Down Stairs, we looked to investigate this further!! Her's what was found:

  • The longest tongue is recored at 3.96 inches or 9.8cm
  • The average tongue is 2-4inches
  • Women generally have shorter tongues than men
  • The blue whale has the largest tongue in the world weighing 5400lbs
  • Everyone's tongue has a unique imprint similar to the fingerprint
  • Without saliva, you would not taste food and your tastebuds would not work
  • There are over 10,000 tastebuds on any one tongue with 2,000 of those found under the tongue
  • It is important to clean your tongue with a tongue scraper as it can prevent heart attacks, pnemonia, diabetes
  • There are over 600 different types on bacteria living in the mouth
  • To dispell any myths...rolling one's tongue is NOT a genetic trait. It is purely a skill!






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